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Harnek Kang has had years of experience working as a property developer. Throughout his active professional career, he made countless allies. In fact, he often travels all over the world for business meetings and makes meaningful as well as impactful connections wherever he goes. In addition, Harnick understands the importance of expanding his professional network. He is always on the look-out for like-minded individuals who share the same work ethic as him. Work ethic that not only allowed him to overcome various obstacles in life, but also helped him achieve his goals. As a successful and well-known property developer in Sheffield, UK, Harnek Kang is more than willing to meet new people that can potentially lead to more business ventures.

Aside from his business ventures, Harneck is also a lover of professional football. Football, in the UK, stands for soccer in North America. As a lover of football and sports, Harnek Kang plays football on a regular basis. Although he is a busy property developer, he plays football with friends and family at least twice a month. As a way to relief stress and help him focus at work, Harnek tries to maintain work-life balance by participating in neighborhood football games. He does so by playing with the local community. If you’re a lover of sports, or more specifically, a loyal supporter of football, contact him today!


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