Harneck Kang | Sheffield UK | Skills & Expertise

Harneck Kang has worked as a property developer for years and knows the ins and outs of property development.

Starting His Career & Struggles

Like many young adults today, Harneck struggled when he first began his professional career. Although he was fortunate enough to have gone through high school as well as post-secondary education, he was immediately met with obstacle after obstacle when he began his career journey. When Harnick Kang graduated post-secondary school, he applied to many prominent companies. However, he only heard back from a select few companies and even fewer offered him interviews.

As a result, he had to work as an unpaid intern for the firs 6 months when he applied to a major property development company in Sheffield. However, he soon demonstrated outstanding talent. Not only did he earn the respect and appreciation of everyone on the team, he also earned the supervisor’s recognition. Soon, he earned himself a full time position working as a property consultant. From then on, his career path witnessed a steady growth.


Success & Recognition

harneck kang property development skills building

After Harneck Kang earned a full time position working as a property consultant, he continued to exhibit excellence. Throughout his professional career, he was able to close many contract deals with his impeccable negotiation skills. It is also because of his negotiation ability that makes clients happy.

As a matter of fact, if there’s a single skill he’d recommend to young professionals that are just starting out their careers, he’d recommend them to develop their negotiation skills. The very first and perhaps most importance negotiation he made in his life, was when he negotiated for a full time position as a property consultant. If he didn’t take initiative to negotiate with his then-supervisor, he never would have become a property developer.

Aside from his impeccable negotiation skills, Harneck Kang also possesses natural leadership skills. Even back when he was in high school, he led the football team to victory numerous times. As an adult, and working as a property developer, he often has to oversee his subordinates. Managing projects on a daily basis also means that be has to jiggle between project management and supervision.


Harneck Kang’s Legacy

Today, as a property developer who is proud to attach his name to various projects, Harneck Kang is still looking to expand his business ventures. Though he made a name for himself in the property development world in the UK, he is interested in expanding his reach. He has considered real estate investment as well as investment in other countries. In addition, he has considered venturing into a different field of expertise altogether, though the idea is still on indefinite hold. Regardless, Harnek Kang is always on the lookout for ways to improve himself. With skills such as negotiation, leadership, and time management, Harneck Kang is ready for his next achievement.