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Harneck Kang’s success today did not just come with sheer luck. When he first started his professional career, he struggled immensely. Working from one part time minimum wage job to another, it took Harneck a few years before he realized that he wanted to work in the property development business.

Harneck Kang’s Appearance In The Media

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Today, as a successful property developer, Harneck has been featured in the media countless times. Most notably, Harneck, or sometimes spelled as Harnick, has appeared in Patch as well as PraguePost. There, he discussed the importance of maintaining a healthy diet as well as the health benefits of playing football. In addition to his appearance in articles, he is an active writer. In fact, Harnek actively writes on Medium, a blog-sharing platform. On Medium, he has discussed similar topics such as travel destinations, football, as well as exotic sports cars.

Harnick Kang – Property Management Service Freelancer

Check everything you do three times and more. You have to ensure that you make no mistakes and are 101% right on everything you do. Harnek Kang was originally from India and currently resides in Sheffield, UK, where his office is based just a ten-minute walk from the city’s train station – centrally located for ease of travel.

Harneck Kang – Official YouTube Channel

As a property developer, Harneck has a few life tips to give. His YouTube video discusses importance of real estate investment as well as playing football to stay in shape.

Harnick Kang | Crunchbase Citation Site

Harnick Kang is a property developer living in Sheffield, UK. As a businessman originally from Derby, he is a law abiding citizen that frequ…

Harnick Kang – Medium

Read writing from Harnick Kang on Medium. Harnick Kang is a property developer in Sheffield, England and focuses his spare time working out & remaining healthy, and tuning into the FIFA World Cup.

Harnick Kang | Exclusive Inspirery Interview

Harnek Kang (Harnick Kang) was born into a one parent family in India. He also lived in a small one bedroom house within a 5-minute walk of one of the largest slums in the City.

Harnek Kang Discusses Physical Health and Property Development | Prague Post

In the spheres of property developers in the United Kingdom, Harnek Kang is a rather common name. With years of experience, Mr. Harnek Kang completed quite a few popular projects and participated in an abundance of ventures in Sheffield, England. Currently, he spends a lot of his time working with the local community to support…

Harnick Kang on How Soccer Educates Working Professionals

Participating in sports is one mankind’s oldest pastimes. Regular athletic activity is a cornerstone of a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many professionals who work full-time forget the importance of regular athletic activity. Instead, they replace it with long hours at the office and deadline-oriented jobs.

Harnek Kang on – The Benefits of Team Sports Like Soccer

If you want you or your child to develop soundly as a high functioning member of society then it is important to develop the mind as well as the body. Playing soccer is an excellent way to do just that.

Harneck Kang on How to Know if Your Diet is Right for You

Undergoing a diet is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in life according to property developer Harneck Kang. It’s a commitment that will only stick if you’re serious about it. If you’ve had trouble with diets in the past, it might be because it wasn’t the proper fit.

Harnek Kang on How Family Time and Weekend Trips Help Busy Professionals – BlogProcess

Harnek Kang is a property developer based in Sheffield, the United Kingdom. He is heavily involved with the affordable housing projects and has a long history of successful ventures. Although his primary focus is property development, Mr. Kang frequently visits international conferences and business meetings.

Harnek Kang and Useful Software for Investors | TechBullion

Financial success depends on a number of factors. Contrary to the popular belief, however, one’s earnings are only a small portion of how financially stable they are. In fact, knowing how to manage money is likely the most important aspect of one’s wealth.

Smart Investing in Los Angeles, Following Harnek Kang’s Example

Smart Investing in Los Angeles, Following… – Los Angeles, CA – How to Safely Invest in Los Angeles’ Tricky Markets according to property developer Harneck Kang.

The Growth of Younger Property Developers

Property development is now popular amongst the younger generations, claims Harneck Kang. What are some of the ways that they are re-shaping the property development landscape?

How Harneck Kang Chooses a Property to Invest In

Millions of Brits are looking to break into the lucrative world of real estate investing. They know that investment can be risky and difficult. Investing has a significant chance of loss and failure for many investors. But for those investors who are looking to get started and do not know where to turn, there are answers.

Harnek Kang Shares the Basics of Property Development

Property development has an extensive background to it. To be successful there needs to be an understanding of the basics. By definition, property development is a business setup revolving around activities that range from the redesign to the re-lease of existing buildings. Harnek Kang shares the basics of property development.