Harneck Kang | Sheffield UK | Hobbies & Interests

As a professional property developer, Harneck Kang has a plethora of hobbies as well as interests. These hobbies help him de-stress in his spare time, recharge his batteries, and return to work more focused and determined.

Harneck Kang’s Passion For Football

harneck kang football on grass

First and foremost, Harneck is a proud supporter and active player of football. In fact, he’s been playing football ever since he was seven years old. He started playing right around the time he began elementary school. Ever since then, he fell in love with the sport and has continued to play it throughout his adult life, and even up until now. When he was in high school, he joined the football club and quickly earned his way to become captain of the team. He was a natural leader and knew how to connect with each and every player on his team. Furthermore, he would play during weekends to further improve his football skills in order to stay competitive whenever he played during weekdays.


Fierce Lover of Sports Cars

harneck kang sports cars obsession

Like many men and boys, Harneck has a weakness for luxurious sports cars. As a matter of fact, if football was the first thing he fell in love with as a child, sports cars was the first thing he fell in love with as an adult. When he saw exotic sports cars in movies as an young adult, he knew it was going to turn into an obsession. However, different from football, sports cars is something that even though Harneck Kang appreciates, he doesn’t actively pursue. He understands that while sports cars look spectacular and are sure to catch anyone’s attention, he is well aware of the unnecessary price tags that come with expensive as well as exotic sports cars.

He sees sports cars as a dream that he will one day fulfill, but that day has yet to come. Nevertheless, Harnick attends sports car conventions whenever possible to check out the latest models of sports cars. In addition, when he travels internationally for business reasons, he’d often check out car conventions. These conventions allow him to socialize with fellow car-enthusiasts. Finally, Harnek Kang uses these conventions as a way to de-stress, and indulge in the possibility of driving one of these exotic vehicles one day.


Holidays & Vacations

harneck kang coast of costa ricaAs a successful property developer residing in Sheffield, England, Harneck Kang enjoys traveling. In fact, aside from traveling for work and business trips, Harneck also enjoys traveling to exotic locations. Throughout his adult life, he has traveled to Asia, North America, and South America.

His favorite destination to visit in Asia is Thailand. As a matter of fact, he has visited Thailand for almost a dozen times. He enjoys riding elephants, visiting exotic forests, trying out local cuisines like bird’s nest soup and coconuts, as well as appreciating local performances. As for North America, his favorite destination is Toronto. It’s a bustling city in Ontario, one of the provinces of Canada. Whenever he’s in Toronto, he enjoys spending his time in downtown Toronto. There, Harneck enjoys the truly multicultural environment that the city of Toronto offers. With regards to South America, his favorite destination is Costa Rica. More specifically, he fell in love with the coast of Costa Rica the moment he first stepped foot on it. It is a spectacular tourist destination for anyone who enjoys a sunny day at the beach.