Harnick Kang is a professional property developer that currently resides in Sheffield, UK.

Who is Harnick Kang?

harnick kang logo icon in dark blueAs a seasoned and renowned property developer in the UK, Harnick takes on various construction projects in the country. Throughout the years, he has taken on and successfully completed numerous tasks. However, Harnick (sometimes spelled as Harnek, or Harneck) Kang did not accomplish his success just by sheer luck. In fact, when he first began his professional career, he met obstacles after obstacles. It was his dedication as well as determination that enabled him to overcome one obstacle after another.

Today, he boasts a robust professional portfolio and his name is recognized everywhere in the property development industry in the UK. In fact, he has worked on construction, re-construction, green-construction, and renovation projects all over the country. He also actively partakes in making developments in the city as it’s his favorite area to attach his projects to.


His Professional & Personal Life

As a property developer, he has worked on various projects in the UK. In fact, he participated in numerous affordable housing projects and helped reduce homelessness drastically. In addition, he actively seeks out new business ventures by participating in international meetings as well as conferences. Doing so not only allows him to expand his professional network, but also his knowledge in latest trends in property development. Aside from his professional career that keeps him busy during weekdays, Harnick also engages with his local community. He has been playing football ever since he was a child and still continues to play till this day. He would often play football with friends and family living in the area.

Harneck also regularly contributes to local charities and makes donations whenever he can. He believes that while he was fortunate enough as a child to receive proper education, food on the table, a roof over his head, and a loving family to encourage him, not a lot of people have the same luxury. Therefore, he does whatever he can to actively give back to the community and improve society.

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Harnick’s Goal

As a seasoned and renowned property developer, Harnick Kang has tons of experience managing projects. This website serves as a place for Harnek to showcase his accomplishments, share his ideas, and reach out to other like-minded individuals. As a family man who has traveled the world and actively involves in community engagement, Harneck is always on the look-out for people that he can invite to his network. Whether it be potential business partners, prospective clients, or just friendly footballers, Harnick is always looking to make friends!